Revenue Solutions Created
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Reduce overhead and staffing costs while lowering A/R and denials resulting in revenue improvement.

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The Challenge

With reimbursement declining, dental practices are forced to reduce overhead costs and fight for every dollar billed.

Infinx partners with dental practices to create operational efficiencies and improve revenue with our revenue cycle and supply management solutions.

  • Single vendor for all your new and existing patient needs
  • Bundled offering that reduces the administrative cost of running your practice
  • Eliminate staffing challenges
  • Improve revenue without sacrificing the patient experience
  • Increased revenue through streamlined processes
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We support our clients with 24/7 support that ensures streamlined business
operations and maximized reimbursement allowing you to focus on your patients.

We Help Dental Practices Collect More Revenue

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Insurance Verification and Benefits

We handle all insurance verification and benefits to ensure the claim is submitted cleanly.

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Contracts and Reimbursement

We ensure your payer contracts and reimbursement rates are up to date.

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Charge Entry

Our team takes care of entering charges into your billing system.

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Tracking Insurance Payments and EOBs

Eliminate the time-consuming process of posting payments and reconciling EOBs from your internal workflow.

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Our team tracks denials and identifies which claims should be appealed. Appeals are written, submitted, and followed for resolution.

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Denials and AR Follow Up

We aggressively and meticulously work denials and A/R fighting for every dollar.

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Real-Time Dashboards

Our proprietary dashboards provide your practice with the revenue intelligence you need to make sound business decisions.

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Dental Supply Finder

Our dental supply portal is your practice’s one-stop shop for all your dental and office supplies. The portal includes exclusive offers and allows you to compare pricing from different vendors.

Our Results

Improves AR &
insurance denial
recovery by
Decrease the
payment cycle by
Reduce denials by
Helps reduce supply
overhead by

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