Infinx Case Studies

THE BACKGROUND Infinx partnered with a major research hospital in California to clean up its backlog inventory of 55,000 credit balance invoices within 15 months and transition the hospital’s system […]
Cleaned Up 55,000 Invoices from Backlog Inventory and $15M in Outstanding Credit Balance at Major Research Hospital2019-11-21T19:27:06+00:00
THE BACKGROUND One of the largest and most respected hospitals in the country contacted Infinx after they had run into problems with a patient access vendor in South America. The […]
Eliminated Costly Prior Authorization Delays at Top U.S. Hospital2019-12-16T21:10:40+00:00
Analyzing​ and ​Implementing RCM Ramp-Up for Local Radiology ​Group2019-05-30T09:40:09+00:00
Successful PMS Data Migration Project for Nationwide Radiology Group2019-11-21T19:35:38+00:00