How an East Coast Medical Imaging Center Increased Daily Revenue by $750-1000 Per Day by Automating Their Prior Authorization Workflow

Our Medical Imaging client, one of the most successful outpatient radiology practices in the U.S., experienced an overwhelming volume of prior authorization demands from roughly 70% of their referring providers. Additionally, approximately 30% of their daily patients needed expedited authorizations.

Faced with a high-volume of prior authorizations and a small staff, they chose our cloud-based Prior Authorization Software to automate their workflow, that was integrated with their RIS system, saving their staff a lot of time and effort.

See how we helped them increased their revenue by an additional $750-1000 p/day and:

  • Reduced insurance verification and benefits processing time
  • Eliminated the need to hire another FTE
  • Increased their prior authorization TAT
  • Increased patient retention by 30% p/day
  • Strengthened their relationship with their referring providers
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