Dental Office Expands Benefits Checklist Through Third Party Support

Small Dental Practice with Limited Benefits List and Verification Capability

The practice is one office, two doctor practice in the Northeast. They had recently switched over to a modern practice management software but their strategies for gathering benefits information was very limited. They hadn’t updated any of their technology and were still using paper fax to receive benefits information. Their benefits list was pretty limited because of their difficulty in getting benefits information.

When we met with them, the dentists were excited to learn it was possible to include additional benefit fields and specific codes for verification to support their patient care and revenue recovery. They contracted with us to conduct a pilot of Infinx’s eligibility and benefits verification support.

Customized and Expanded Benefits Checklist

We updated their technology to move their fax services over to electronic benefits so that our benefits verification process could run smoothly and efficiently. We revamped their benefits checklist and worked with our experts to customize the benefit information we would verify based on the practice’s specific needs.

Our expert benefits and verification specialists worked to quickly and accurately verify insurance information with our updated database of local, regional and national payers, saving practice staff considerable manual effort.

Successful Benefits Verification Improves Practice and PMS Functionality

The office has continued to contract with us to do their benefits verification. They are extremely happy with the results and highly recommend our services.

According to the billing office manager:

“In the 18 years that I’ve been a dental office manager, I’ve never seen any product that works as well as these Infinx Benefits Verification Services.

The implementation was smooth, they were able to very professionally guide them to get our technology updated to maximize this new practice management software. They helped us fully utilize the organizational and technological functions of our new PMS, putting the benefits verification information in the hands of the staff and doctors.

They took the burden of doing benefits verification off our staff, taking those long phone calls and the difficult website searches off our plate.”

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