Eliminating the “Revolving Door” with Effective Pharmacy Staffing

By Infinx
October 12, 2016

Today on our blog, we’d like to pivot to our expanding pharmacy solutions. When we introduce ourselves to prospective pharmacy customers, we ask them how they would evaluate the state of their current operations–what would they really like to fix? And we generally get the same answer:


“Data entry turnover is our Achilles Heel.”


The Hard Numbers

In the pharmacy world, top-quality data entry specialists are worth their proverbial weight in gold. But while proficient data entry is essential, the hard truth is that it’s simply not a long-term “career goal” in the harsh reality of today’s U.S. economy. The feedback we’ve received from pharmacy customers reveals very similar demographics:

  • Most data entry personnel are typically 18 to 25-year-olds entering the workforce.
  • Many look upon their initial pharmacy experience as a stepping stone to their next goal – advancing to pharmacy school or other higher education.
  • The average tenure of an in-house data entry tech is only 1-1 ½ years.

If you operate a long-term care or high-volume pharmacy, do these stats look familiar to you?

Is Endless New Hiring Worth It?

With such a high level of staffing attrition, how much extra time do your managers devote to constantly onboarding and training replacements? And with data entry proficiency at such a premium, the best data entry techs are quite often “poached” by other large pharmacies. Why invest time and training in your competitors’ success?

Benefits of Partnering with a Team Specializing in Pharmacy Management

This brings us to one of the primary benefits of partnering with a BPO for effective pharmacy management. Beyond significant cost savings, a BPO brings stability – no more extra time invested in recruiting, hiring and training the “best of the bunch” among the pool of local candidates – only to see them give their two weeks’ notice at any time, for any reason. Free your managers from the day-to-day hassles of staffing and training to focus on what really matters: optimizing bottom line profits.

At Infinx, we observed the operational problems plaguing pharmacies and developed a comprehensive solution for established high-volume pharmacies looking to keep pace with ever-rising demand as well as assisting new facilities getting off the ground. It begins with our team of dedicated pharmacy specialists, fully adept at new patient onboarding, eligibility checks, new order processing, refill management and near error- free billing assistance. And it’s our responsibility to maintain adequate staffing on our end – delivering fast, efficient service when your pharmacy demands it. Think of it as a full-service turnkey solution, eliminating your daily grind of hiring, training, accommodating vacations and sick calls and compensating for those inevitable resignations.

How else can Infinx dramatically improve your pharmacy operations? Learn more about our pharmacy management solutions.
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