#AHIMACON17 Takeaways: Providers Are Seeking Reliability and Effective Coding Audit Management

By Infinx
October 14, 2017

We were pleased with the latest stop on our Events calendar, the 89th AHIMA Convention & Exhibit at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This widely-attended annual forum for the healthcare information management community afforded us another valuable opportunity to meet with representatives of healthcare systems large and small from around the United States.

AHIMA attendees gather at the Los Angeles Convention Center

As we shared our advanced RCM solutions with visitors at the Infinx booth and elsewhere on the exhibit floor, we took time to listen and note current topics facing independent physicians, healthcare groups and hospitals, particularly in regard to coding and billing services. Among our chats, we noted two common concerns:

Trusted Full-Time Coding Experience vs. Subcontractors-for-Hire

Most vendors in the medical coding space make the same broad promises—speedier service, experienced personnel, flexible resources and such, but few are willing to show customers what actually goes on “behind the curtain.” Specifically, when taking on new customers pushes their existing manpower to its limits, how much of their work ends up being farmed out to subcontractors to take up the slack? Finding additional hired guns to do data-entry is rarely difficult, but how do their training and skills stack up against experienced full-time coding specialists. In almost every case, it’s a sudden trade-off between quantity and quality—with quality usually losing out.

The Infinx team standing ready to meet visitors at our AHIMA booth.

Infinx never turns to subcontractors. Our handpicked team of certified preauthorization, coding and billing specialists undergo our rigorous internal training program before we allow them to work with customers’ patient information. This also means those patients’ HIPAA-protected data remains under our direct control—never entrusted to a third party.

How transparent are we? We’re one of the few coding solution providers who encourages an exchange program—inviting customer representatives to observe our specialists in action at our offices while we send our own management to learn the ins-and-outs of customer operations directly from their own in-house staff. We believe these mutual firsthand observations are key to establishing the strongest possible long-term working relationship.

‘Audit-Proof’ Reliability

Other questions we fielded at AHIMA, particularly from small and midsize healthcare groups, concerned the pitfalls surrounding audits, both internal and external. When providers are largely judged by reviews of their coding and billing efficiency, many are reluctant to delegate those responsibilities to an outside contractor. Too many administrators have found themselves “burned” after trusting a vendor that delivered sloppy, inconsistent performance—as later revealed in a harsh audit report.

Infinx prevents bad surprises from an quarterly audit. Our own dedicated coding audit team double-checks all ICD-10 and CPT coding before claims are submitted to payors, maintaining exceptional 99 percent accuracy rate. And we improve the efficiency of customers’ in-house teams via our advanced smart analytics, monitoring their performance and recommending options for actionable process refinements, translating to speedier day-to-day workflow—and, ultimately, stronger bottom-line profitability. When healthcare groups partner with Infinx, administrators can walk into any audit with their heads held high.

Attendees shared their takeaways from the show on the AHIMA ‘Thought Board’

What concerns do you have about coding, billing and audits? Where has your in-house team succeeded—or fallen short? If you missed us at AHIMA, feel free to share your comments below or contact us to learn more about our healthcare RCM solutions.

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Infinx provides innovative and scalable payment lifecycle solutions for healthcare practices. Combining an intelligent, cloud-based platform driven by AI with our trained and certified coding and billing specialists, we help clients realize revenue, enabling them to shift focus from administrative details to billable patient care.

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